Trimester 3: Prepare | 12 Week Programme

Welcome to the home stretch! As you enter the final trimester of this awe-inspiring journey, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and perhaps a little bit of fatigue. It’s perfectly normal, and that’s exactly why our ‘Prepare’ programme is designed with your comfort in mind.

A 12 Week Programme Valued At  $850+ For Just $120!

Why Choose the 'Prepare' Programme?

  1. Refine Your ‘Connection-Breath’ Technique: A tool you’ll use in labour and as a new mum. ($50 Value)
  2. Alleviate Back and Pelvic Discomfort: Custom exercises that aim to ease your day-to-day. ($50 Value)
  3. 9 Comprehensive Full-Body Strength Routines: Tailored to be less taxing on your central nervous system yet effective. ($180 Value)
  4. 6 Energizing Moderate-Intensity Cardio Workouts: To help you stay active and spirited. ($120 Value)
  5. Step-By-Step Video Guidance: So every movement is a correct one. ($100 Value)
  6. Your Personal App Calendar: Say goodbye to workout planning; we’ve done it for you. ($50 Value)
  7. Direct In-App Messaging: Sometimes you just need to ask a quick question or get a little encouragement. ($50 Value)


FREE Added Bonuses:

  • Labour-inducing movements video. ($20 Value)
  • Exclusive discount codes and offers from brands like GoMama Maternity Clothing, Midies, and more. ($100 Value*)
  • Video form checks to ensure your exercises are safe and effective. ($100 Value)
Trimester 3 programme- Prepare

Approx. A$162 | US$109

Lydia has really helped me with my pregnancy training during my third trimester. I really loved our sessions and it made me more active and cheerful. With all her encouragement and motivation I had a very smooth and normal delivery. Thank you so much for all of this. now I am surely joining her for my post pregnancy training. – Sujaya (Jamshedpur, IND)

When do I start?

Your ‘Prepare’ programme commences in your 29th week of pregnancy. At this stage, your baby is experiencing rapid growth, and you may notice a change in your energy levels.

Programme Breakdown:

  • Phase One: Weeks 29-32
  • Phase Two: Weeks 33-36
  • Phase Three: Weeks 37-40

Each phase spans four weeks, giving you ample time to adjust and feel comfortable with each exercise.

Your Weekly Plan:

Your weeks will combine strength training with moderate-intensity cardio, offering a rounded fitness regimen that complements your third-trimester needs.

Prepare Trimester 3 Calendar Just for Mums

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Exercising during your pregnancy has several benefits not only for you but for your baby as well. Reduction of pregnancy and delivery-related complications, improvement in sleep quality, elevated mood and faster physical recovery after childbirth to name a few (Research)!

Of course, your doctor’s permission for exercise is essential, as there can be contraindications to exercise during pregnancy. Additionally, the most important thing you can do is tune in to your body and give yourself some grace. Be aware of what your body is telling you—does that exercise feel good? Keep it up. Doesn’t feel so good? Probably best to stop and adjust.

What equipment do I need?

This programme is designed specifically for you to do at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. However, to make the most of the programme certain equipment is necessary:

  • Dumbbells (weight of your choice)
  • Resistance band
  • Optional: Kettlebell, Booty Band, Yoga Mat

Embrace this final trimester with open arms and a well-prepared body and mind. Click below to join the ‘Prepare’ programme today, and let’s make these last weeks count!

How Does This Work?


  • Once you buy the programme you will receive an invitation email asking you to create a password/account on Trainerize (the app I use to deliver the programme).
  • You will also receive a ‘Welcome email’ from me which contains a couple of forms- that you NEED to complete. Admin!

You can do this in your own time.

  • Your fitness programme will automatically start on the day of purchase (Send me a DM from within the app if you’d like me to push this back to a later date).
  • Each day, just open your app and the day’s work will show up on the To-Do list.
  • Simply click each component and do the workout!

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