Trimester 2: Strengthen (Part 2) | 8 Week Programme

Welcome back to another empowering stage of your pregnancy journey! You’re now entering weeks 21-28, a phase that can bring a mixed bag of energy levels and bodily changes. Like its predecessor, ‘Strengthen (Part 2)’ aims to alleviate back and pelvic pain, while also maintaining your muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. We continue to focus on holistic well-being with balanced workouts that will make you feel as fabulous as you look.

An 8 Week Programme Valued At  $700+ For Just $120!

Why Choose the 'Strengthen (Part 1)' Programme?

  1. Master the ‘Connection-Breath’ Technique: Ideal for sustaining optimal core and pelvic floor health throughout pregnancy and beyond. ($50 Value)
  2. Combat Back and Pelvic Pain: Targeted exercises to make your days more comfortable. ($50 Value)
  3. 6 Comprehensive Full-Body Strength Routines: Keep your body strong and prepared for the journey ahead. ($120 Value)
  4. 4 Revitalizing Moderate-Intensity Cardio Workouts: Enhance your stamina and lift your spirits. ($80 Value)
  5. Every Exercise Demonstrated: Clear video tutorials ensure you’re performing each exercise correctly. ($100 Value)
  6. Personalized Workout Calendar in Your App: Conveniently pre-scheduled so you can focus on the doing, not the planning. ($50 Value)
  7. Direct In-App Messaging: Real-time advice and motivation just a message away. ($50 Value)


FREE Added Bonuses:

  • Sleep Tips for the Second Trimester EBook. ($20 Value)
  • Exclusive discount codes and offers from brands like GoMama Maternity Clothing, Midies, and more. ($100 Value*)
  • Video form checks for an added layer of safety and efficacy ($100 Value)
Trimester 2b- Strengthen (b)

Approx. A$108 | US$73

When do I start?

Your ‘Strengthen (Part 2)’ program officially kicks off in the 21st week of your pregnancy. The program is flexible, allowing you to adjust according to how you’re feeling on any given day.

How Is the Programme Structured?

  • Phase One: Weeks 21-24
  • Phase Two: Weeks 25-28

Just like before, each phase lasts for four weeks. You can tailor the reps and sets to your comfort and advancement level.

What Will My Weeks Consist of?

Your week will be a blend of strength training and moderate-intensity cardio, aiming to offer you a holistic approach to fitness during this key trimester.

Strengthen (b) Trimester 2 calendar just for mums

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Absolutely, and it comes with perks! Exercise not only improves your mood and sleep quality but can also help ease pregnancy and delivery-related complications. (Research)

Of course, your doctor’s permission for exercise is essential, as there can be contraindications to exercise during pregnancy. Additionally, the most important thing you can do is tune in to your body and give yourself some grace. Be aware of what your body is telling you—does that exercise feel good? Keep it up. Doesn’t feel so good? Probably best to stop and adjust.

What equipment do I need?

This programme is designed specifically for you to do at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. However, to make the most of the programme certain equipment is necessary:

  • Dumbbells (choose your weight)
  • Resistance band
  • Optional: Kettlebell, Booty Band, Yoga Mat

Take the next step in fortifying your well-being during this special time in your life. Click below to get started on your ‘Strengthen (Part 2)’ Programme today!

How Does This Work?


  • Once you buy the programme you will receive an invitation email asking you to create a password/account on Trainerize (the app I use to deliver the programme).
  • You will also receive a ‘Welcome email’ from me which contains a couple of forms- that you NEED to complete. Admin!

You can do this in your own time.

  • Your fitness programme will automatically start on the day of purchase (Send me a DM from within the app if you’d like me to push this back to a later date).
  • Each day, just open your app and the day’s work will show up on the To-Do list.
  • Simply click each component and do the workout!

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