At Home: No Equipment; Bodyweight Only | 6 Week Programme

No gym? No problem! Stay fit, workout out at home and maintain strength and cardiovascular fitness with this bodyweight-only programme.

This is a 6- week programme that is broken down into 4 bodyweight workouts and 1 stretch routine per week.

Although no equipment is required, if you have some light weights, or want to use items in your home to add weight to the exercises, feel free to do so.

  • Video Demonstrations for EVERY exercise
  • Workouts Scheduled On Your App Calendar
  • Short workouts, perfect for busy mums!
  • Direct In-App Messaging

All for NZ$5/week!

Just for mums at home no equipment workout

Approx. A$27 | US$18

Each workout is clearly laid out and scheduled for you on the app calendar

At home workout calendar

More About The Programme

This programme is created for mums who don’t have access to a gym/ are too busy to get to the gym or who simply prefer the option of bodyweight exercises to stay fit and healthy.

Working out at home is great! You don’t have to pack a bag, drive anywhere, or arrange for child care. You could work out in your pajamas, if you wanted to! You can also work out whenever you like -squeeze it in when you get the odd 30mins free.

Build strength and improve cardiovascular fitness with this programme.

Get started with my At Home: No Equipment programme now!