Client Testimonials

We could talk about ourselves all day, but ultimately our best advocates are our clients. Read more about what our strong mums have to say about our programmes.

Lorraine Just For Mums Testimonial
A big thank you to Lydia. The strengthen and prepare pregnancy programs have kept this first time mum-to-be fit, healthy and happy. The format is easy to follow- it’s great to be able to refer to the video for each exercise as many times as you need; the duration and schedule is flexible enough to fit into a busy working day; and Lydia has been readily available to answer all questions. Looking forward to continuing training with you.– Lorraine (Sydney, AUS)
Ramya Just for Mums Testimonial
Lydia is very friendly , great instructor and her workout videos are the absolute best and practical. She has immense knowledge in postpartum care and I highly recommend her core and pelvic floor workout programme for new mums or anyone who’s looking for strengthening their core and pelvic floor. The best part is her short workout videos which makes it easy to get them done from anywhere. I love it when trainers reach out personally checking out your workout progress.– Ramya (Auckland, NZ)
Brooke Just for Mums Testimonial
I am so glad I took on the pelvic floor and core program with Lydia. Prior to starting it I couldn’t even run 200m without wanting to go to the bathroom. I have now found myself running 5k with no bathroom stops, I no longer have a pain after running and I am feeling so much more confident in myself when I exercise. The program was super easy to follow and I felt like I had a personal trainer right in my home with me because the app is super helpful with step by step videos showing you the correct way to do each exercise. Lydia was very helpful and would reach out everyday to see how I was getting on and if I needed any extra help. I cannot recommend her enough!– Brooke (Wellington, NZ)
Mihi Just for Mum testimonial
Lydia’s programmes have been the foundation for my return to sport. I have been following the three programmes since I was 4 weeks postpartum and at four months postpartum played my first netball game. It just wouldn’t have been possible without Lydia’s expertise and guidance. Each exercise in a video format, a thought through programme for every day postpartum so I didn’t have to plan anything.. all possible to do from my living room. Built my body and confidence for me to be able to exercise in the form that I love! Sport.! This programme also offered other pelvic floor exercises that my pelvic floor physio approved. It’s safe, knowledgeable and practical. Totally recommend mamas!– Mihi (Auckland, NZ)
Natasha testimonial Just For Mums
‘Thank You Lydia for being such an amazing coach for the last six weeks u have made sure to check in with me and tailor workouts to suit my life and my needs. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a coach to get their fitness back on track.‘– Natasha (Perth, AUS)
Sujaya Testimonial Just For Mums
Lydia has really helped me with my pregnancy training during my third trimester. I really loved our sessions and it made me more active and cheerful. With all her encouragement and motivation I had a very smooth and normal delivery. Thank you so much for all of this. now I am surely joining her for my post pregnancy training.– Sujaya (Jamshedpur, IND)
Chenelle testimonial Just For Mums
My experience with Lydia has been amazing since day one, she has been very supportive and understanding what my requirements and needs were and gave me the right workouts. Lydia has also checked in to see if I was benefiting from the workouts. Then she gradually introduced a healthy meal plan for me which has been really helpful as well. If you are planning to stay fit and you don’t know how or which workouts to do and food to follow then follow coach Lydia she will guide you through your journey and help you achieve your goals – Chenelle (Melbourne, AUS)
Tiffany, Dunedin, NZ, Mum of 3
The 6-week program has been great. I have noticed a big change in my core strength, and in my body shape. I would highly encourage anyone thinking about personal training to join Lydia’s program– Tiffany (Dunedin, NZ)
Ulrike, AKL NZ
Been with Lydia for quite some time now and so far loving all the workouts from her. What I love most is it is geared towards my goals and because of this I look forward to every workout. I know that it is specially created for me so I have that excitement that its tailored for me and not just blindly following thru what the trainer says. Plus, its fun and challenging at the same time. I find the variety of the exercises that she incorporates is fitted to what I want so not getting me bored easily. And of course, Lydia understands the mama concerns I have and I can see it on the workouts she makes for me. Above all, I know she’s a busy mum of 2 below 2 but when I need help she’s always there to jump in🙌🙌 I am personally happy and with this, I am absolutely happy to recommend her to anyone thinking of having a different level of personal training. I’m sure you will love it too❤️– Ulrike (Auckland, NZ)
Erum Just for Mums Testimonial
I felt that I could never ever lose weight… I am so thankful to my trainer Lydia who helped me throughout, I can actually see the difference in my body stats! I love the sessions and I have understood the importance of protein in my diet. Thank you Lydia.– Erum (Kolkata, India)
Lavina Just for Mums Testimonial
It’s my 3rd week today and within 3 weeks I can say that I’m very satisfied with Lydia’s work and my experience has been wonderful as I can definitely see changes in my body. I have gained a lot of confidence through her. The workouts are really good and also very helpful. Lydia makes every workout clear and specifies everything in the description of the workouts. She also provides nutrition advice which helps a lot.– Lavina (Auckland, NZ)
Three weeks in and I can already see a difference and feel great. Thanks to you! Look forward to more sessions and more positive developments! Xoxo– Nikita (Dubai, UAE)